Monday, 23 January 2012

I don't often quote a Bedingfield but...

Given it's already well past Epiphany, I figured it's about time I had one & got on with the year!

This week I make light of my constant striving for perfection & reflect on the successes I've had in dealing with my trust issues! In the past, my concerns over quality control have led me to question my abilities & not maximise my potential, for fear of negative judgement from others. Ofcourse, the most successful people are those that are prepared to just get on with what it takes to achieve their success, whatever other's say.

I had a wonderful time welcomed to the bosom of the Bristol Swing dancing community at New Year & below I appear to have taken centre stage, although it happened organically, (promise!!)

Yours truly with all the last dancers still standing as the final song faded out at New Year Swing n Blues. 
The year on the road rolls on & as it continues I concentrate on developing trust in myself & in the right other people. You see, who you select to form part of your inner circle for however long & however briefly they remain there, really counts and the briefest of encounters can sometimes be the most enlightening...
Dancing is often referred to as a 3 minute relationship, & Blues dancing surely comes high up in the intimacy stakes. So, it was encouraging to spend this Saturday Leading Blues, a night (& a killer afterparty) in 'Switch' mode (ready to Lead & Follow at my partners whim), & Following Lindy all day Sunday.
Trust in self? Increasing. Trust in appropriately worthy others? Steady and rising. Trust in (the words & actions of) inappropriate others? Increasingly irrelevant.

I am even more blissed out with dancing again & a BIG shout to David Madison from Saint Vitus for enabling that to happen!

I have oft been praised for my optimism, so having passed the #gottagetthruthis moment into #pocketfulofsunshine I have a new observation ready to sink in. 89% good enough is a good place to begin & can always be bettered later! Afterall, it works for Microsoft...

I have also had to cultivate patience as my attempts to share my (imperfect) recent gig recordings have been thwarted so many times it IS almost funny, except it's my job to share wonderful creativity with the world, so not scoring 100% in the patience stakes in 2012 so far... 

Now it'll soon be time for me to catch up with series one of Sherlock. I did enjoy the powerplay in  A Scandal in Belgravia, so hope for more whilst catching up - as Mrs Adler didn't need rescuing as far as Conan Doyle was concerned. Sorry Robert Downey Jnr, however much I love your work, & despite me wishing I had been on set as you all clearly had a blast, the current film has been somewhat spanked by the BBC production.

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